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Message from our Congress Co-Chairs

Professor Mohamed El Darouti.jpg

Professor Mohamed El-Darouti

Professor of Dermatology and Dermatopathology, Cairo University


Professor Ghada El-Kamah

Professor of Clinical Genetics, Coordinator of The Hereditary Blood Disorders (HBD) and Genodermatoses clinics and research team, Human Genetics and Genome Research Institute (HGGRI), National Research Centre (NRC)

Dear Colleagues,

We wish to extend a warm invitation to you to attend the “First MENA region and African Epidermolysis Bullosa Congress” at the Semiramis Intercontinental Hotel, on the Nile River bank in Cairo.

Our theme is: " Activating awareness of EB and other rare disorders in Africa and MENA regions: a DEBRA Congress”

We have invited an excellent cast of African, MENA, Egyptian and International speakers to highlight EB and genodermatoses research at the cutting edge in the global arena. It is an opportunity to meet your friends and colleagues in the field of Epidermolysis Bullosa, Genodermatoses and Human Genetics and to discuss pertinent issues of mutual interest.

Herein we are back to in-person EB Congresses hosted by a DEBRA group with an international flavor for the first time in the African continent, this meeting serves to bring together members from country-specific organizations and scientists and we hope to attract those from other African and MENA countries and to encourage them to get involved locally and internationally. We aim at actively building capacity inspiring our young students, investigators, clinicians, nurses and genetic counsellors to train and to work in the field. We will dedicate several slots to young colleagues to have an opportunity to showcase their work, to forge friendships and build networks.

We wish to thank all those involved in the organization of the Conference for their hard work, dedication and commitment to making this a memorable meeting. In particular, we wish to extend our heartfelt appreciation to Yasmine Elsamra Foundation, Debra Egypt and Debra International who are hosting and supporting this meeting and to the Organizing Committee members, our appreciation also to the members of the International Scientific Committee co-chaired by Professors Peter Marinkovich and Ghada El-Kamah who all give so generously of their time.

We hope you will enjoy, engage, participate and learn. Remember that we are united in our quest to explore unique opportunity to engage and build a network of patients and families as well as researchers and healthcare professionals in Africa and MENA countries; spread awareness of rare genodermatoses, EB and the work of DEBRA; and spark the development of fledgling DEBRA/EB patient advocacy groups in MENA countries while promoting an understanding of the contributions that African/MENA populations can make to understanding global health and disease.

Message from our Congress Organisers


Hanaa Elsadat

Chairwoman of Yasmin El-Samra Charity Foundation, Debra Egypt

Hello to all,

This congress is the first MENA region and African International EB congress 2024 host by Egypt, organized by Yasmin Elsamra Foundation, Debra Egypt and endorsed by Debra International and the first to be held on the African continent, which presents a unique opportunity to engage and build a network of EB patients and their families as well as researchers and healthcare professionals already working/interested in working in the field of EB from MENA countries; spread awareness of EB and the work of DEBRA; and spark the development of fledgling DEBRA/EB patient advocacy groups in MENA countries.

Our mission is to provide all in attendance with the most informative and entertaining experience possible. To achieve this goal, we have assembled a roster of authoritative speakers who represent the best and brightest knowledge in EB research, clinical management, EB community and for the first time an exhibition will be held in the venue by EB talented fighters from all over the world.

Also, it will be a unique platform that brings all parties involved in EB and rare diseases in one place to obtain the most updated knowledge, increase awareness, exchange experience, advance research, establish networks, explore collaborative opportunity, and provide better care for individuals with EB and rare diseases.

I wish you all the best & hope you will have a pleasant stay in Cairo during the four days of the Congress.

We look forward to seeing you soon.


Dr. Ritu Jain

President of DEBRA International

At DEBRA International we are thrilled to be endorsing the first EB Congress ever to be held on African soil. This event presents an unprecedented opportunity to increase awareness of EB, build knowledge and understanding of the condition, and forge vital new connections in the region to further our collective mission to ensure that patients and their families are supported with the utmost care and attention the world over. After over four years since the last in-person international EB Congress, we look forward to welcoming back old friends and of course meeting new faces.

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